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That time in Northern Maine...

Back in October I had the pleasure of joining one of the top outfitters in the Northeast to film a Moose hunt for one of their clients - To say Maine is beautiful is a understatement. We arrived at the peak time for the fall foliage, the weather sat between fall & spring, & every where you looked you were swept into a moment of awe.

As beautiful as it was, the days were long. We would start our morning at 3:30 am & most days we wouldn't come back to camp until 7:30 pm. We were calculating roughly 15,000 steps a day; through country that was unforgiving to maneuver in. With all that being said, there was nothing I would rather do more than be here with my camera in hand. Follow along as Lanham & OMM outfitters spend their week chasing the iconic Maine Moose.

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