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Chasing Rios with Wildlifers TV

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

It’s opening day in Texas and the Mellon Creek Ranch did not disappoint. Our morning sit immediately asked for our full attention as we made our way into the center of a large roost. We sat with the expectations that the birds would fall right into our laps and like any hunting trip our exceptions were tested. As we faced North, the birds moved right around us. Frozen in our boots, we waited as multiple Tom’s echoed behind us. They were so close in fact that your body would vibrate at every gobble and drum. A feeling that every beloved turkey hunter knows.

Fifteen minutes later and Peter couldn’t take the tease any more. The die hard turkey fanatic went rogue. Using whatever sound his mouth could muster so that he could draw them closer, he turned around hoping to chase one down before they moved too far from the reach of his barrel. No sooner than I could catch up, a shot rang off in the distance and we had our fingers crossed for the Turkey freak.

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